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Pure Incense Candle Cones Burner jasmine

Pure Incense Candle Cones Burner jasmine

10 incense candle cones that have a smell..Jasmine incense promotes relaxation and happiness. Its rich and sensual aroma is said to calm the nerves, balance the emotions, and inspire a positive outlook on life. This all-natural incense is made from pure ingredients.

Coco incense .Favorable for both home and business, coconut incense is excellent, not only because it smells good, but because it attracts prosperity and offers protection. Coconut incense gives protection to the person who uses it and keeps it away from bad influences.

Sandalo incense :

Transmits warmth in the environment in which it is placed and causes a state of calm thanks to its relaxing aroma for sleep ,which transmits a great inner peace

Myrrh incense:

Is aromatic and contains several medicinal properties,although it was also traditionally used as the main ingredients in perfumes and ointments to embalm the dead.